The Salamander | Nutrisco & extinguo

histoire jacques chaput

The salamander, François I's royal emblem, was associated with the words : « nutrisco y extinguo », which can be interpreted as: « feed the good fire and extinguish the bad ». Thus our ideal would be that your pleasure to enjoy our Champagne be equal to the one we had revealing it; here is the Maison Jacques Chaput's maxim now and forever.

Jacques Chaput domain cultivates the art of grapes and wines selection to create our own "assemblage" (blend). That is the signature of our champagne house in full compliance with this precept : Bad quality must be evicted without any hesitation. Mastering the blend will then allow us to reveal/uncover the unique character of each Cuvée that we can only predict/imagine until then. The slow process of aging in bottles will bring about/induce the magic of sparkling and bubbles.

Our unique soil associated with the technical yet magical science of blending, make us proud and humble at the same time, as we use (time and time again) the knowledge inherited from generations of Chaput before us and which we have been able to preserve and maintain until today.

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