The Chaput soil

terroir jacques chaput

Arrentières is a village located on the right bank of the Aube river, which gave its name to our department. This small area of "barsuraubois" (surrounding the town of Bar-sur-Aube) distinguishes itself by its very specific soil giving the wines of Champagne its unequalled freshness and fruitiness.

The rigorous selection of vines, grape varieties and other wines from previous years allow us through the blending process to master the quality and consistency of our wines. Our champagnes are indeed regularly noticed and acclaimed both by professionals and by reference guides.

In exceptional years, there will be no blending with wines from previous years and the Champagne will (then) be vintage.

histoire jacques chaput

Our champagnes are the result of a nice combination : a closely followed vineyard throughout the seasons with a specific soil combined with a very rigorous winemaking and of course some of our talent ! This is the way to obtain our champagnes where only excellence is accepted.

The birth of our champagnes becomes real only through your eyes and palates.

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