History of the Chaput winemakers

histoire jacques chaput

The vine-growing tradition in Champagne is quite old: it indeed dates back to Roman times. They are the ones who planted the first vines. The Champagne vineyards were afterwards only maintained thanks to the care brought to them by the clergy. The Chaput family has always had at least one winegrower in activity, and this for the past eight generations (Juste Chaput, winegrower, born in Fravaux in 1736).

Maison Jacques Chaput,
Masters of Champagne vineyards
from father to son

During the 1950s, Jacques Chaput actively contributed to replanting the vineyard on our soil where Benedictine monks had already cultivated grapevines in the XIIth century. An ancient walled farm, set up by Bernard de Clairvaux, is now used as a cellar for aging our finest blends (Grande Réserve "La Salamandre", Brut "L'Authentic", vintage Blanc de Blancs and Blanc-de-Noirs ).

histoire jacques chaput

Our domain is currently 14 hectares vineyards mostly planted with Pinot-Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

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